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Branding the
process of knowing

A new name, identity and platform for global technology firm Cognition.

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Aiming to be a leading driver of business growth

Cognition help companies grow by leveraging technology and sector knowledge.

They build, manage, monitor and analyse data, to deliver insights and content for businesses globally. They aim to help companies increase revenue, develop new products, redefine their markets and keep in front of their competition.

Redefining a global business

Our challenge was to rename and rebrand an already hugely successful company to be B2B accessible, when traditionally success had been found by powering and enabling other businesses platforms, data and intelligence.

We were also tasked with structuring the brand and service architecture to sit under the new identity, in a way that allowed new audiences to easily access the expertise they require.

Branding that tells a story

We set about renaming the company founded as Cheers Interactive, to have a name that contained the essence of what the business does.

There were several phases of our company Namestorming to include input from key stakeholders across the company worldwide. After creating many different options, we narrowed it down to the top ten names, and Cognition Solutions was the voted choice.

Cognition is described by Oxford Languages dictionary definition as “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.” Cognition helps explain in a name the use of technology, data and intelligence to create informed action to drive business growth.

Cognition helps explain in a name the use of technology, data and intelligence to create informed action to drive business growth.

Building a message into the brand identity

The logo design for the new brand identity utilised the I and O in Cognition to highlight binary information.

This represents the data element of the service, and has information graphically flowing into the top of the logo and filtering out in a uniform line to represent meaningful and organised output.

Following the rebrand project we rebuilt the website based on the new service architecture we had designed with the input of leaders within the company We created a clean and easy to navigate platform using our website framework solution. The look and feel of the brand was embedded in new imagery for the website and materials.