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How Millennial
are you?

An interactive online Millennials Quiz for Nord Anglia Education.

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Know Your Customer in a creative way

Nord Anglia Education (NAE) were faced with a new challenge. Millennials, once their main student base - now their predominant client base, were a mystery.

Nord Anglia needed to become more familiar with this dynamic and fast-moving generation.

Designing an engaging research platform

To create a more engaging way of capturing company-wide research data we were tasked with creating an interactive quiz.

Rather than a dull text entry form, an interactive survey was required that would react based on your choices. It needed to be easy to use, fun, work on desktop and mobile and be able to store each user’s score.

The quiz we created consisted of 18 animated multiple choice questions paired with a scoring system that tracks your progress in real time.

A bright, informative and rewarding interactive experience

The style we created uses the bright colours of Nord’s palette with strong clearly legible text alongside friendly illustrations.

This illustration style was so successful it has been carried on for further Nord Anglia materials that have been used worldwide.

We produced an animated experience with custom graphics for both desktop and mobile; each interaction bringing up a new animated screen using pathway logic. This ensures that when a user presses a button the quiz will move to the corresponding screen. This can be either a correct or incorrect screen depending on the option selected, or a button to move onto the next question.

The project was hosted on the interactive video platform ‘Eko Studio’ and went from concept to creation in around 6 weeks, being time critical ahead of the Nord Anglia annual conference.

QuoteI wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team for all the work you have done over the last 6 weeks; your responsiveness and support with regards to last minute changes and adaptations really made such a huge difference. The presentations and the quiz were a huge success and we have had such positive feedback about both, and I’m personally really proud of how they all hung together. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working on more projects in the future!”Quote

Laura Westley

Group Head of Brand, NAE

Comparing notes can be competitive!

As the user progresses through the quiz their score is displayed and a final result out of 18 is shown at the end.

When a user has completed the quiz their details are sent to an external database which includes their name, location and score. This data was used to build infographics that were displayed at the Nord Anglia Education senior leadership team conference. It was a great way to gain input from the teams, and bring awareness of the schools’ audiences.