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A ‘Little bit of genius’ branding for Nord Anglia Education.

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A genius idea for high quality content

It is key to generate appealing new ways to engage with your current and new audiences. So with an emphasis on quality NAE have created a podcast with a wide appeal to parents, teachers and students – and ‘A little bit of genius’ was born.

In a world where information is fighting for your attention each time you scroll down, grabbing attention and communicating your message is top priority. We were excited to be asked to create the podcast brand for NAE, a fresh look to be the identity of the new high-quality, original content.

Promoting a creative podcast

Each podcast is an interview between two NAE students and a well-known guest. Prompted by a famous quote, the discussion is around the theme of creativity.

We were asked to create a visual identity for the podcast, predominantly for use in promotional materials and as the avatar for audio sites. It needed to be in line with the NAE brand, but to stand out in its own right.

A flexible and bold brand identity

The identity is a combination of bold typeface and a clean graphic that is both speech bubble and quotation mark. We wanted to create an adaptable style that would house the name, a quote, or the episode title, or be reversable to frame the imagery.

We came up with a bright and bold layered approach, which could flip between the colours in the NAE palette effortlessly, creating a versatile identity for varying promotional material.

QuoteThank you for all your support, to you and the Ergo crew… Great working with you and you’re doing us proud… Love it. Great job. Thank you.Quote

James Russell

Group Head Of Comms, NAE

Social signposting for audiences

As part of the deliverables we created animated shorts for social media, templates for banner posts and posters for new episodes, as well as usage guides for the brand.

The supporting imagery can fit inside or outside the graphic and when paired with a brand colour, creates a customisable but consistently recognisable format. The NAE logo is visible on all assets in order to help increase the main brand awareness, but the podcast branding has an identity of its own.