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Nu-Air, New Brand

Nu Air Green Gradient Wave
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A Clean, Eco-friendly Biotech Odour Neutraliser

Our task was to come up with a name, brand identity, and label designs for Innuscience, who’s aim is to replace harmful chemicals, eliminate waste and deliver sustainable cleaning. 

The aim was to come up with a name and brand identity for a new odour-eliminating air spray to rival brands such as Fabreeze, using Bio-tech, rather than chemicals, for a VOC-free environmentally friendly spray.  

Nu Air Electric Sign

Creating an 'On Brand' Product Name

When forming the name, we needed to ensure that the product name stayed in line with the brand’s pre-existing products and brand identity while also making sure to emphasise the eco-friendly nature of the spray. Therefore, the genesis of the name Nu-Air came from the combination of the ‘nu’ in ‘Innuscience’, like names given to some of their pre-existing products, and ‘air’ to highlight a sense of cleanliness, simplicity and the air being purified. When read ‘Nu-Air’ has the intention of sounding like ‘new air’. This draws attention to this idea of a pure, natural spray that cleans the air as you use it. 

4 Nu Air Spray Bottles

Fresh Air Logo and Brand Design

Once we had the name, we came up with logo designs. The chosen logo was given its own custom font. The letters for the word ‘air’ are designed to look like a puff of air. Meanwhile, the curve at the bottom of the letters seamlessly integrates into a wave formation. 

Innuscience wanted Nu-Air to have its own branding. The overall brand and label designs were simple. Creating a colour pallet of 4 green and blue colours allowed us to create a fresh look and feel. We incorporated a wave that would sit under the logo on the packaging, giving the impression of movement and that the logo was being lifted.

In the end there were four products, for three different countries, UK, USA and Canada. Each label for each product was given a separate primary colour, with Green being the main secondary colour for all four products, so that each product was more easily distinguishable.

As well as the design, we were tasked with labelling in multiple languages. We have regular experience working with translators and sign language interpreters for our global clients.  For our other clients we regularly work with translators for several different languages, including but not limited to French, Urdu, Punjabi, Polish, Bengali, Turkish, Somali and Chinese.