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Brand Trend Predictions for 2022

Branding is everything. But trends are what inspire the most modern branding. As we move into 2022, these are the brand trends we expect to bloom.

As a creative agency one of our specialities is developing and designing strong brands for our clients. With any type of design, trends are formed, followed and evolve. Based on our experience we have put together a list of brand predictions for 2022.

Graphic Styles

Our 2022 trend predications for graphic design are illustrations/ flat icons, Symbols, and Isometric compositions.

Illustrations and flat icons:

Illustrations and flat icons are often requested within infographics, social media visuals, and presentations. Illustrations are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a customisable visual and that gives you the creative freedom to represent anything you want.


Symbols are effective because they are universal, and a well-designed icon has no barriers or language. They convey messages with ease and simplicity. From road signs, to coats of arms, symbols convey messages, status, and warnings at just a glance.

Isometric Composition Art:

Unlike illustrations and symbols, isometric compositions are rich in details and give you a platform to share information effectively. More and more businesses are incorporating isometric composition art into their website designs, presentations and more.

Popular Typefaces

We predict the following typefaces will be even more popular next year!

Rounded Sans Serifs:

Rounded sans serifs are becoming more and more popular as it has been made specifically for optimum readability. Also, the lack of harsh edges makes for a soft and more friendly brand identity.

Left Alignment:

Particularly, left aligning logos has become increasingly trendy. When text is all in the same alignment it is easier read, but also, left alignment follows the more natural reading movement of a reader. Naturally, viewers will read from left to right. Also, unlike centre alignment, when text is left aligned you allow space for any adjustments or elements to be added around it.

Logo Design

The three logo styles that we think will be trending in 2022 are:


Minimalism seems to never really go out of style. It is clean, gets the message across, and easy to incorporate into multiple marketing assets like letterheads and poster designs. This style also leans more towards the classic end of design, meaning that minimalist branding will last longer before it needs a refresh.


With the digital world quickly evolving there are now countless screen sizes that your logo needs to compliment. A responsive logo is essential and with that, part of your logo needs to be easily recognisable. The colours, typography, or symbol need to be memorable enough that when your logo is are shrunk down it is recognisable as your brand.


For companies that have short, snappy, and self-explanatory names, a typographical logo can be so much more beneficial than a symbolic logo. It puts the name of your brand straight into people’s mouths and forms your whole brand identity. We have noticed more and more brands going with a clean typographical logo for a timeless feel.

Further general trend predictions for 2022

Our design team also suggested a few more trends they expect to see in the brand and design world as we move into 2022.

Serif Fonts:

We expect to see a return of serif fonts as companies begin to move away from the corporate look.

3D elements:

3D elements with subtle gradients are becoming increasingly popular when creating brand assets.

bold text

Specifically grey tones with one bold colour.

Analogous colour schemes:

Our clients are beginning to pair colours that are adjacent to one another on the colour wheel more frequently.

Perspective drawing:

These create illusions of depth without making a logo design too complicated.

Authentic portraiture:

With authentic portraiture you can have a recognisable face within a logo design. This is a great way to establish a deep, more emotional connection with the viewer.

Simple, clean and effective logos:

This type of logo works on a range of coloured backgrounds in a monotone colour palette. These are made more effective when paired with supporting graphics, icons and imagery which tell the Brand story and support digital campaigns. The graphic style will become the star of the show and the brand hero.

If you are interested in our design team helping your brand to be more on trend then please don’t be shy to get in touch.