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Brochures- Digital Vs. Print

Both mediums have their pros and cons, but which is best when it comes to brochures?

We may be in the midst of the digital age, but there is still space for print in marketing strategies. Digital and Print brochures both have their pros and cons. But which one is best for your business brochure?

Digital Brochures

Real-time updates are possible when a brochure is digital. It is freely editable and easier to access as a new tab or in a word, PDF document, or image depending on what makes your life easier.

When a brochure is digital it is even easier to utilise them for your digital marketing strategy. They are easily shareable throughout all social media and messaging platforms, therefore meaning they are perfect for large scale advertising. And provides a greater advantage to your sales team when used in conjunction with HubSpot as you are able to see who viewed what brochure and for how long! We are a partner with HubSpot and can easily help to set you up if this is something you would be interested in.

With mobile phones being such an integral part of our daily routine, a very convenient part of digital brochures is that they are accessible anywhere and at any time.

The reader can zoom in and out and change the size ratios, making it accessible to all. There are also options for other accessibility assets like a screen reader. This promotes a much more inclusive reader experience. Another way that digital brochures can aid your marketing strategy is through the way in which you can add call to action (CTA) buttons. With this people can fill out forms, subscribe to your newsletter or click through to more of your content. Furthermore, click through rates (CTRs) and heat mapping can give you insights in to how successful your brochure has been with its readers at getting your audience to perform a desired action like subscribing or scrolling all the way through the brochure.

Printed Brochures

Stand out from competition. Although digital brochures can be marketed digitally far and wide, it can also get lost in the depths of an inbox or social media. Meanwhile, a printed brochure can be held, touched, and has a more visible presence. Tools like Direct Mail or handing out printed brochures at events and tradeshows means that you have more touchpoints with your target audience than a digital campaign provides, allowing more ways to gain new leads.

A printed brochure doesn’t come with any distractions. Your brochure is dedicated just to your business and what it can offer. No pop ups or targeted ads to interrupt.

Printing a brochure for a client has a very professional feel. When closing a presentation, a brochure handout shows you have gone the extra mile and will mean that your customer or client will leave with a catalogue of your services right in their hands. Sometimes it is nice to have something you can flick through at leisure and go back to without having to troll through your emails or social medial timeline to find.

One more bonus, random and slightly personal reason that printed catalogues are worthwhile is the nostalgia it inspires. Having a brochure of products and services to tick and circle harkens back to when you would have a toy brochure to circle for Christmas presents. There was nothing like perusing through a good catalogue and marking every toy and random item that took your fancy.

Personally, I believe a blended approach when it comes to digital, and print is best. Digital can have much further outreach, is contactless, eco-friendly and easy to update and edit. Print is more personal, direct to the customer and very affordable when purchased in bulk. However, if you had to pick, which one would you prefer to receive? Are you team digital brochure or team printed brochure?

Contact our team if you would like to find out more about HubSpot and how it can make your marketing life easier.

If you would like support building a killer business brochure or help to create personalised marketing assets, don't be shy to give our Marketing Page a visit or contact us directly.