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Building Your Brand

83% of customers say they would recommend a business they trust to others.

When starting up or growing your business you want to have a faithful following of evangelist customers. Word of mouth can make or break a company.

So, if you are not making sure you are a trustworthy brand that can supply excellent customer service, consistently, then you will be consciously stilting your company’s growth. If you want to become more successful, you need to build your brand.

The First stage of building your brand is to understand your customer’s needs and how you can become a sage adviser in your industry. Your advice given needs to always stay in line with your business' core values, purpose, and goal.

Core values and Company Purpose

Why was your company made in the first place? What does your product/ service provide? Why was this product made? How does it help your customers? What is you unique selling point? Once you can answer these questions you can then decipher what insights to offer to show your business as a helpful and empathetic brand above all the other competition in your industry.


Your content should always reflect the values of your brand and be relevant to your industry. This is important for all types on content, not just social posts and blogs. Also, providing ungated, free content makes you become much more alluring to customers as they will trust you, what you have to say and that you are not just selling for the sake of profit. It shows that you care about making a difference in the industry you are in and that you want to be helpful.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a compilation your brand history, values, mission statement, tone of voice, logo usage, colour palette, font family, image style/ photography, and business card and letterhead design. This is crucial to make sure your team and customers are all on the same page. Everyone in your team knows what goals and aesthetics you are working to, while customers know exactly what to expect to see from you. Your content will be consistently timely and aesthetic.

Building Trust

Building trust is the number one, most crucial, part of building your brand. Customers will trust your content will come out at a consistent time, your advice is consistently factual and helpful, your content all has a familiar and consistent aesthetic that matches your brand colours and style, and finally, that you have high domain authority from optimising your SEO. This will lead to higher google rankings, thus higher traffic, then higher volumes of customers viewing your website. We speak more about SEO in our blog What is SEO that you can read here.

Making The Entire Buyers Journey Excellent

The whole experience of a customer from a lead to a customer to an ambassador must be thought out, you need to have a good understanding of all your traffic touchpoints. From when they first discover your brand to becoming a recurring customer. At every stage it is vital that you continue clear and approachable communication with each client, to give them a personal customer experience.

How to Personalise Your Content

SMART forms will lead to you having a database of contacts that you can segment into categories based on their buying habits, how far they are in their buyers' journey (visitor, lead, customer, evangelist) and more. This may not be something you are thinking about just yet but when you do our team can help! Country, Language and Device are all examples of demographic information you can collect to inform your future content and business decisions. The best way to ensure you appropriately personalise content for customers on this small scale is to make sure your website is set up to be responsive to changing language, country specific promotions and device size.

Engage with reviews and comments on your content and search engines. Never underestimate social media. Most have their own analytics and promotion options. Posting and engaging with your content will help to increase the post’s reach and means you can communicate personally with customers. It is just another way to keep customers at the heart of everything you do. For more insight into social media marketing and dashboards you can read our blog What is Reach? And other marketing questions’ here.

Your Website and Aesthetics

How do you build your consumers trust with your brand? It is all about looking like a legit brand and having a professional website. The more consistent and familiar your website is with the rest of your brand the better. Familiarity is more likely to bring customers back because it will make you more visually memorable. But you want to be remembered for the right things.

Have an easy-to-use navigation and search system. Have buttons/call-to-actions to make sure the customer stays engaged and consumes more of your content. Ensure your website is responsive to all types of devices, computer monitors, phones etc. Style guides are a wonderful way to keep the aesthetics consistent within your brand guidelines. Again, this keeps everyone on the same page and means you are not using the wrong colour palette, loads of different fonts and language inappropriate to your business’ purpose.

So, to conclude, to build your brand you must build your online presence, trust, customer experience and make sure the whole team are on the same page for your brand guidelines. The more you know about your own brand the easier it will be.

Your brand is at the heart of your marketing strategy. Therefore, if you want further support building your marketing toolkit, then take a look at our marketing page.