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Industrial Design Trend Predictions for 2022

Everything from product and packaging design to events and exterior design are all types of Industrial Design at the mercy of following trends. So, what industrial trends do we predict will dominate in 2022?

As we make our way into 2022 our industrial design preferences have changed and evolved. Industrial design is the creation of tangible products rather than digital or graphical assets. Everything from product and packaging design to events and exterior design, there is so much that can be unpacked here. When broken down, each sub-category of industrial design follows trends and patterns. So, as a creative agency, what industrial trends do we predict will become more popular in 2022?

Product and Packaging Design Trends

Solid All-Over Colour: Solid all-over colour or block colours are becoming frequently more trendy. The bright and bold colours catch the eye and tell a colour story in a very understated way. Once your eye has been caught it centres the focus on the copy, allowing the copy to tell you exactly what the product is.

Sustainable: Sustainable products and packaging are not a new trend but there is still a drive towards sustainable products and packaging to be the new norm. Before it was just the ‘woke’ companies that were making sure to incorporate sustainability into their products and packaging, but now bigger corporations are starting to adopt more and more sustainable methods. The aim now is to enforce this push for greener products and packaging into legislation. Greener legislation means less plastic and more card/compostable/ eco-friendly alternatives which you can find in our sustainable packaging blog.

Tiny Illustrations: Illustration on labels, particularly tiny illustrations of the ingredients and anatomically correct drawings of animals or creatures that may be featured within the product, are amazing graphic design techniques to make your labels tell your brand story. You show what the product is and what your company stands for all in a drawing.

Simple Geometry: Simplistic geometry takes the best of both worlds from block colours and illustrations. They are much simpler and more abstract than a hand drawn illustration but still as bright, bold and eye catching as packaging with a solid all-over colour.

Smart Packaging: Smart packaging can either be active packaging which can interact with content inside the product with substances like moisture-regulating materials or intelligent packaging which embeds sensors into the packaging to be able to monitor how external factors may impact the product. Both of which ensure product quality better and for longer than has ever been attainable before.

Exterior Design Trends

**Board & Batten: ** Not only is wood beautiful, rustic and an excellent insulator but board and batten walls are easy to DIY onto a buildings exterior without too much difficulty. This makes creating a building with some rustic and unique features easier and more cost effective than ever.

Warmed Up Whites: Gone are the days of pure white windows and trimmings. Pure white often feels too harsh and clinical, meanwhile an off-white or cream colour still gives the nice bright accent without overpowering a look. So, while people are getting more comfortable with khaki green or blue walls, the creamy colours provide a nice complimentary accent.

Functional & Practical: Exterior designs tend to be less about the grandeur of the design but more about the functionality or even multi-functions it can provide these days. Think weatherproof epoxy paints, multi-functional lighting, virtual reality and more.

Event Design Trends

Heightened use of technology : Technology like RFID business cards, 5G, or virtual personalisation options can lead to a smoother running, more personal, and impressive event experience.

Virtual Events : Since COVID happened, virtual events have taken over. Events can be livestreamed or turned into hybrid-events in which activities are accessible both in person and online. They take a lot of digital choreography but after the last two years we think these virtual events are only going to become more popular and interactive. The same benefits as an ‘in-person’ event, without the contact.

AR and VR : Augmented reality and virtual reality events were a big topic during Lockdown, but not quite there practically. They will be back and better than before with AR allowing you to interact virtual elements with the real world there is so much potential there, ready to be tapped into for future events in 2022.

If you have any industrial design endeavours that you would like our help with please get in touch here.

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