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Inktober is the perfect excuse to be creative.

How it started

The inception of Inktober came about in 2009 when an artist by the name of Jake Parker decided to challenge himself creatively. His aim was to not only to hone his artistic skills with ink but also to develop some good drawing habits. This marathon of daily drawing keeps the mind’s creative juices switched on and promotes artistic productivity and motivation. Ever since, Inktober has taken the art world by storm with over 21.7 million dedicated #inktober posts on Instagram alone.

At Ergo, we adore this challenge because of the creativity it inspires. If you are a budding artist that needs more persuading, then look no further.


Since 2009 Inktober has become extremely popular and therefore, has gained a lot of attention from the big names in the design industry; names like Adult Swim and Genndy Tartakovsky. AKA, when you share your work, you could be noticed by some giants in the creative industry.

How to see the posts

Just hop on social media, type in #inktober and there you will see a plethora of amazing, and diverse artwork. Many people do post their work to Instagram as it is such a visual focused platform. However, there is no rule on where to post it. All that is important is that you have fun, expand your skills and share your work with someone, anyone, even your dog. Posting and sharing on social media can boost your inspiration and your confidence with loads of new ideas and ways to improve right at your fingertips.

The creative genius of illustrator Geen Jones (@geeniejay) has always caught our eye!

How to get involved

There is Inktober Classic or Inktober 52.

The classic version requires one post a day for the whole month of October. Meanwhile, the Inktober 52 is 1 art post a week over a year. However, some people decide to do the half marathon version, in which, you post every other day or once a week.

The only rigid rule is that all pieces of art must be made from ink and the days your artwork is created and posted is consistent . The point is to develop good habits and to hone your skills.

To go get involved you must follow these simple steps straight from the Inktober website itself:

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

  2. Post it*

  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober202[1]

  4. Repeat

Daily inspirational prompts

Although the use of the prompts is not mandatory, people often like to use them as a starting point of inspiration. Often artists decide to go for a Halloween theme as the challenge is during the month of October. However, you can draw whatever you want, daily, for a month, as long as it is using the art medium of ink.

Some of the prompts from this year alone have been; Fresh, Reflection, Monster, Egg, Microscope, Star, Cat, Octopus, X-ray, and so much more. Super random but super inspiring!

Here at Ergo, we love anything that promotes creativity and honing your craft. Therefore, why not challenge yourself this year and join in with Inktober?