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Pros of Professional Product Photography

Consumers always eat with their eyes. So, if you want them to buy your products, you need to catch their eye!

With lockdowns forcing shops to move online you may suddenly realise how little good photos you have of the products you are selling. So many people try to take their own photos using their phones, but customers can tell the difference between a photo from a phone against one that has been done by a professional photographer. Do not sell yourself short, your shop, your brand and your customers are worth going the extra mile.

Why Do I Need Professional Photos for My Brand?

Satisfies customers’ expectations

Better quality images will mean customers can get a better idea of what they are buying. Drawn, poorly lit or poor resolution images of your products never show-off the real colour or texture of the product and may be misleading. This leads to customer confusion and disappointment when it does not meet their expectations. Having multiple, excellent quality images means that the customer is seeing a good representation of what your product will look like. And will hopefully result in less returns.

High quality images look more professional and therefore customers are more likely to trust you

When a photo is of a high quality it comes across as more aesthetically pleasing, professional and high end. People like to feel that the product they are buying is of a high quality. Your product or service may be exceptional but if their first impression of your product is a poor-quality photo then it can cast doubt in a customer’s mind. Much like food, we are lead with our eyes. If it looks good, we are more likely to want to consume it.

Professional product photography makes you stand out and catches the eye of the customer

You can add alt- tags to photos so that search engines, like Google, are able to index them and show them on the front page of their results pages. When your photo’s tag has a keyword in its description from potential customers organic searches, your photo is more likely to pop up for them. If your photo has tags and looks good, then you are more likely to get a wider reach of traffic because it is eye catching and is put right in front of them.

High quality images can be used for websites and for print

If you are wanting to further broaden your reach, then you want your photos to be of a high standard for marketing and advertising campaigns. It will not become pixelated and grainy on your website or when having to change sizes for different devices or platforms. It will also remain high quality if you want to make prints of the images for leaflets or posters.

A professional photographer is also able to help your pictures look inclusive while staying true to your brand guidelines.

Professional photography is a long-term investment that will build trust and attract more attention as time goes on. Then, after some time, the photography will almost pay for itself from the traffic it gains for your business.

Need professional photographs of products for your online shop?

You can drop off or post us your products for us to give you a professional look with our studio set up. And we will return it to you when we are done.