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Successful Brands Hit Creative Walls Too

Sometimes change is necessary to keep your brand relevant. This where creative agencies and teams come in, to stop you from hitting a creative wall.

For your business to maintain relevance and revenue it is important to be ever evolving in four main categories:

These are important walls that brands sometimes fall victim to. Successful fashion brands such as Luis Vuitton and Gucci have found re-branding and creative design changes allowed them to move with the times as luxury brand leaders. Burberry is a good example of how changing things up helped them to overcome a massive creative rut. Back in 2001, they completely overhauled their signature look. Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, did not want to be associated with football hooliganism and counterfeit remakes of the brand anymore. Mixing classic and modern styles made Burberry both fresh and still recognisable, making them, once again, a highly- coveted brand. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that having a strong creative team is vital to the success of a brand, especially within the ever-changing fashion world.

In-House VS External Creative Teams

The Base (2018) study found that 78% of businesses have an in-house creative team.

More and more businesses are opting for in-house creative teams as they will be dedicated to the constant development and marketing of your business. However, some businesses find that their businesses are well-established enough to not need such constant creative development.

Brands such as Chanel rarely change up their look as they are considered a heritage brand. However, even they must make some changes. “Chanel has teamed up with global ecommerce platform Farfetch to develop digital initiatives including a branded app to help create a personalised in-store experience as well as better target millennial consumers” (Ellison 2018). Your company can never just stay the same, as the world does not stay the same and nor do customer expectations. It is easy for the heritage and luxury brands to not want to change things up in fear that succumbing to modern trends will make them loose their sought-after exclusivity. But without change, brands become irrelevant.

It is not only in-house creative teams that can do your business a world of good. There are many perks to contracting an external creative agency for all your creative needs:

To Conclude

Every successful business reaches a point of excellence which can make them fearful to rock the boat and make any changes. Brands like Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Burberry are all great examples of how even luxury, inaccessible, heritage brands benefit from changes and re-branding every now and then. Creative walls and complacency come hand in hand and that is why having a creative team, either internally or contracted externally, can really benefit your brand’s success.

If you ever need an external creative agency to help you to break out from your brand’s creative rut, contact us, we are here to help.