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Your Business in Your Hands

After 2020 we want to do our best to lend a helping hand to other business owners.

We ended 2020 with a logo competition across our social media accounts which gave businesses the chance to win a new logo for their company, designed by our creative team!

This year we are kicking off with a new campaign, Your Business in Your Hands.

This will be our very own knowledge-based blog series. The Ergo team have compiled our expertise on numerous topics related to running your own business, we want to help give you back the control, especially if you’re running it all on your own!

So, I guess you will want to know what knowledge we will be divulging. Well, as I like you, I guess a sneak preview can’t hurt!

We will be covering topics such as learning SEO, understanding marketing dashboards, how to spec your website and much more!

Understanding digital marketing lingo to Analyse your Success. When you are part of a small business you must wear many hats – understanding the marketing dashboards on your social media accounts can be key to helping your business grow, especially in brand awareness and potential leads. Digital marketing is more important now than it has ever been before with the evolution of technology and increase in people going online to find what they need rather than walking down the street. As buying behaviours and technology changes it is important you are not left in the dark ages.

Get to know SEO Search Engine Optimisation is how Google determines where your website ranks in google search results. There are many things that contribute to this, especially your website copy and the key words that you use. Our blog on SEO will help you to understand where your business stands and why. Don’t worry if SEO seems out of your comfort zone, with our help you have the power to understand the basics so even if you choose to have some assistance with your SEO in the future, at least you will understand what is being talked about.

How to write a good design brief Writing the perfect design brief will help you to save money and time. We will share an easy guide that you can use to ensure you have made all the necessary decisions before approaching a design agency. Creative agencies, like ourselves, can help you to create your brand, your brand guidelines, websites, apps, product and packaging designs and much more.

The importance of getting your business online If we have learnt anything from 2020 it is how important an online presence is for your business in this new digital world! The digital age makes it easier than ever to connect with even more people and build lasting relationships. Research from our partner HubSpot has found that 86.6% of businesses in the US say their website is their most valuable marketing asset.

What does my website need? You may know how to get your business online in theory, but do you know exactly what you need to get your business online successfully? You must consider your domain, WordPress, CMS, site maps, SEO and security. That’s a lot to think about. That is what this blog post is for. We break it down and tell you exactly what you need.

When to update your website To get your website noticed and popular you need to make sure you’re regularly updating your content to align with the latest search engine algorithms, make sure your page speed is the best it can be, and your infographics are up to date and eye catching. Basically, the format and functionality of your website is just as important as the content you put into each page. It is not easy to know how or when your website needs these updates and that is exactly what we want to help you with.

Digital and Live Events These days there are several options for events, live or digital. We have experience designing and creating both. So, we made a cheeky cheat sheet for coming up with the design brief for an event, a real time and money saver! Recently digital events have grown in both technique and popularity, but live events will never go out of style. You can’t beat an immersive experience and it’s something that you can’t currently get with digital events. The part of event planning that often slows brands down is working with external companies to get your vision to fruition. Events are often time sensitive projects, so it is important to consider each detail before you approach external companies for assistance, this is where our blog comes in to play. And if events seem a bit far-fetched for you right now, don’t worry, they might not be forever. Knowing your options is never a bad thing.

And that is only touching the very TIP of the iceberg for what blog posts we have coming!

The reason we have chosen to share our advice on these areas is because we believe they are key to successfully running your own business. They can be subjects that are intimidating, or even forgotten about completely, as other parts of your business distract you. But we hope that having a basic knowledge of all these areas will give business owners more confidence and better prepare them for the year ahead.

If this year has taught us anything, it is that we are all more capable than we think we are and far more adaptable than anyone previously thought! Take the bull by the horns and utilise as much of our team's advice as you can and, see an increase in your business performance. All these insights can be used to take your business to the next level, expand your audience, and improve the trust your audience can put in you to provide helpful and valuable content.

Share this blog with your friends, family and followers so that we can hep as many small businesses as possible!