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Retainer Packaging

Retainers and gum shields in one neat package.

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The Brief

Encase are well renowned for their innovative casings. They provide unique silver ion technology that provides antibacterial protection as well as a hard shell to keep the user's expensive dental equipment protected. This hygienically clean and safe product deserved packaging that would provide a new brand identity that reflects its status as a preferred choice.

Retaining the heart of the brand

Working with the client we created a relaunch strategy that split the products into two categories, Dental and Sport, and used the new colour range to make this distinction. We created a new colour palette and brand identity for the products and then matching packaging. The caveat to that was that the packaging template size had to remain the same. It was important that the design would have the same clean lines associated with dental products whilst also showing off the product in way that would make the packaging stand out both online and on a shelf in store or in a dental practice.

As Amazon was the original chosen distribution channel, the packaging had to adhere to Amazon’s standards. For example, the barcodes had to be a specific design and all copy and claims had to be completely scientifically factual.

The creation of Encase packaging

Inspired by tech trends with block colours and line drawings, the design team got to work creating renders on Illustrator of how the encase packaging design was going to look. It was important that the feel of the brand was clean but bold so to not look out of place in a dental practice whilst still providing eye-catching impact. Alongside the design for the Encase packaging our design team created an informative leaflet to go inside the box with the product.

After the first round of print tests, we had hit the ground running with a packaging design that encapsulated the colour of the product within, had a repeated pattern of an aerial view of the box on the top and bottom, and line drawings of the retainer case inside to add some graphic design elements and intrigue.