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Future Food Stars,
Our Creative Take

Ergo's experience as the featured creative agency on an episode of Future Food Stars

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In early 2022 we were contacted by the Assistant Producer at Studio Ramsay Global who was looking for a creative agency to support teams on the second series of Future Food Stars on the BBC. Ramsay Studios Future Food Stars features twelve of the UK’s best up-and-coming food and drink entrepreneurs to compete to earn a life changing amount of money. Ergo Creative were chosen by the BBC and Ramsay Studios to be the featured creative agency on one of their Future Food Star episodes.

QuoteBeatrice, Josh and Kristina – thank you so much for appearing on camera, listening to our contenders ideas, prepping the design files in advance and liaising with the printing companies to ensure they had everything they needed. Your calmness and keenness were incredible, and the designs look so professional. Thank you for bringing our contenders brands to life.Quote

Catherine Darcy

Assistant Producer

For episode 4, which can be viewed here, the contestants where tasked with creating a canned vodka mixer drink. They had to mix the drink from scratch using Black Lion Vodka (a key feature of this episode) and create a brand which included creating a can design. While not being allowed to give any design advice or instruction to the contestants, our design team only had twenty minutes to build the packaging designs as directed by the contestants all while under the bright lights and view of the camera. All the contestants did a great job and we can’t pick a favourite can design out of theirs, can you?

QuoteTom – what can I say? You have been so instrumental in this episode…. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you and your team, I really hope we can work together on a future project.Quote

Catherine Darcy

Assistant Producer

Being creative at heart our design team found it very difficult not to let their ideas flow into this exciting task – so, reflecting on this experience and how quickly the day went for us all behind the scenes. We thought it would be a fun experiment and team building exercise to divide our own team into groups and see what we could design, given the same task and time limits.

To start, we split into teams, mixing up our different departments so each team had a good variety of skillsets. The first step for each team was to create a thought shower. When designing anything, it’s important to know your brand and target audience so nailing this was the first step for everyone. Names, brand ideas and target audience were considered, along with thinking about what flavour their drink would be.

Once we had picked a style and target audience, we moved on to the naming exercises. Naming a brand, or product can be one of the hardest parts of any project but it can also be the most fun. Naming a product like a Vodka drink lends itself to many, many different names and possible themes. Then, with a name and a target audience the team got to work in designing the cans. With a few revisions and many team discussions each team created a design they were happy with. After deciding the name and look it didn’t take our team long to knock up their own can designs and we are keen to share them.

Once the designs were created, we mocked them up into 3D renders which you can see below.

This is a great way to demonstrate products and something we do often with client work when trying to bring 2D designs to life.

Vestival! - If you hadn’t guessed it, this vodka drink is for the festival market, it’s loud and proud.

Vosti - a frosty vodka drink; basically a classy slushy. This drink is aimed at Gin drinkers who would not normally sample vodka at their summer parties.

Raise - a stylish, upmarket vodka drink. Raise the bar with this quality drink.

Triple V - targeted at the nightclub market. With a dark design that glows under UV lights.

Head over to our socials to let us know which design you like best, and we would love to know what you would name your vodka drink if you took part in this challenge too.