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Celebrate Packaging

Getting gelato ready for supermarket shelves

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The Inception of The Hooray’s Celebration Range

The initial brief was to take their unique flavours from the Warwickshire based kitchen to supermarket shelves. We took their pre-existing repertoire of flavours and started to plan a consistent tub design that would fit the theme of celebrations; think bunting, street parties, and the jubilee.

QuoteWorking with Ergo has been fantastic. We are extremely pleased with the design and branding of our new celebration ice cream tub range. They have been instrumental in helping us get our product ready to launch online. We are excited to continue working with them to expand our brand.Quote

Sasha Barke

Director at Hooray’s Gelato

Packaging Preparation

As with all edible produce, there are certain pieces of information that must be included within the tub design. Whilst wanting to make sure the tub had an eye-catching, disruptive design, we also had to make sure the design included all the necessary information: flavours, allergens, ingredients, nutrition, barcodes, and all the relevant health and safety logos for allergens and more. As the tub was required to be only 475mm in size our designers carefully balanced the design and copy elements to ensure they complimented each other.

A Celebration of design

Every design process starts with competitor research and inspiration. One prevalent design trend that is powering through into packaging designs in 2022 is small, repeated illustrations depicting the ingredients within the product. Using specialist design software our experienced design team ensured that each tub had a cohesive illustrative style and worked as a set.

Although each tub had colours that were uniquely representative of their respective flavours, it was important to ensure that the colour palette, despite each flavour being a different colour, was complimentary as a set. When on a shelf, the cohesive colour palette would allow the tubs to work as a set and on their own as their individual flavours.

The Hooray’s Celebration Range

After just one round of test prints, we had finalised the final design to bring the Hooray’s Celebration Range to life. It is time for a delicious celebration as Hooray’s expand beyond their Warwickshire roots. Now, the delectable artisan flavours can be enjoyed by all as they move to shops across the UK.