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IAG Loyalty
Branding & Web Design

The creation of IAG Loyalty’s new website, expanding the master brand guidelines, and creating product and partner guidelines for Avios and airlines.

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Creating IAG Loyalty brand guidelines

Our goal for the brand guidelines was to create a design language and branding that would fuel the main brand purpose of IAG Loyalty (IAGL): for value to realise revenue through customer attraction to loyalty assets and for creation to develop innovations linked to loyalty. The guidelines also needed to ensure the tone of all assets complimented the brand personality: insightful, ingenious, and precise.

IAG Loyalty already have a well-established logo and signature graphic device depicting four stacked blue rectangles. The flexibilities of these four blue rectangles allowed us to implement them as graphic devices throughout all brand assets and imagery. We chose how imagery and videography is to be used only in the right context, with clear space for added text or graphic devices, and to always look straightforward. We created a style for their icons which matched the graphic device and created examples of how their branding could work consistently on assets such as social posts, email, videos, animations. In addition to icons we created a new brand illustration style which is used on the website as well as on other brand assets. The brand guidelines needed to cover all aspects of the business such as: customer programmes, loyalty management tools, technology solutions, data and customer insights, and, importantly, The Avios Currency. With so many attributes, the brand guidelines are crucial to ensure all assets target the correct target audience.

The IAG Loyalty Employer Brand Guide

We also created an employer brand guide which is to be used for internal comms. Elements such as the illustration style are similar to that of the main brand but have a more hand drawn look to create a more friendly, less corporate feel. The IAG Loyalty graphic device was used in imagery to highlight the connection between employees and to indicate a more 'together' feeling.

IAG Loyalty web design

Due to the complex brand with many interlinked products, Ergo and IAG Loyalty had several workshops to build out a site map that was not overly complicated and therefore allowing fast navigation around the website. From here, to enhance page speed and SEO performance, a clean and simple web design was created within the brand guidelines. Throughout the process Ergo and IAG Loyalty had weekly calls to ensure the project stayed on track and all key stakeholders were happy with design and functionality changes.

IAG Loyalty choose HubSpot Content Management System as their preferred CMS, alongside some HubSpot marketing tools to boost there in house marketing ability. Ergo built fully bespoke HubSpot templates and modules to allow for website features to be reused easily within the CMS by IAG Loyalty content creators. The HubDB feature was also utilised to allow the ‘Media Centre’ section to be expanded quickly and easily.

Throughout the site HubSpot forms are used with bespoke Workflows to route messages, based on the users input, to the correct team members within IAG Loyalty and to also add them to specific mailing lists.

Going forward as part of the marketing strategy HubSpot landing pages will be utilised to help drive potential leads to the correct members of the sales team. There is also discussions to us A/B testing to further optimise these landing pages.

QuoteJust wanted to say thank you for a job very well done. As well as looking very slick, the website is infinitely better than before and I can't wait to see it in the results.Quote

Chris Player

Brand & B2B Marketing Manager

IAG Loyalty copy

The brief was to create inspiring and informative web copy for one of the world's leading loyalty currency providers, IAG Loyalty.

The process involved first talking to product owners to understand what was being offered, then write about the products and services in a way that inspired website users to want to find out more, and ultimately contact them. We looked at how their competitors were positioning their products in the marketplace and drew inspiration from world leaders in other industries to emulate the style they write in, creating copy that communicated passion, professionalism, and inspiration. It was also important to ensure that the tone of voice echoed the brand personality traits of being insightful, ingenious, and precise.

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