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Dairy Packaging

Produce Packaging for North Cotswold Dairy

Milkshake packaging and product design
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A daring dairy

North Cotswold Dairy Co are pioneering the 'direct to customer' approach by cutting out the big dairy brands, who would have traditionally purchased their milk, to take to stores with self-service vended milk and other dairy produce.

They sell produce straight from the farm and supply numerous surrounding stores, farm shops, cafés and restaurants.

As a growing business North Cotswold Dairy wanted to upgrade their packaging to mirror the premium local produce inside. This came to the fore as they began entering high end farm shops and stores such as Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm shop and Daylesford.

Milkshake packaging and product design

Premium dairy produce packaging design

The brief was to provide a premium look and feel to work across all product labels and then apply that to the milkshake bottles, a new cream tub, and hand rolled butter. We worked with the dairy, label suppliers and packaging suppliers to get the packaging label correct, and then created bespoke cutter guides for a perfect fitting label to suit the requirements and new look and feel for the brand.

Milkshake packaging designs

Flood print pattern design

The Cream packaging was a conical tub so we went about mathematically designing a pattern that would be continuous to the eye when applied to the tub.

The milkshake was straight forward with the focus being on cap colour, a cap label to denote flavour, and a bottle label for brand and information. The rolled butter was designed as a unique pack style to the dairy, and as it is hand rolled, the sleeve design needed to allow for differences in final butter dimensions.

Milk and cream packaging designs

Seamless patterned packs

The result is a flood print pattern that lines up perfectly to repeat around the pack seamlessly. The labels are hand applied so we had to include some margin for error, and designed the labels with logical positioning in mind'.

Cream packaging design
QuoteThank you for this, they look greatQuote

Emma Ledbury

Owner, North Cotswold Dairy