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Fashion Show Event Design

Our favourite fashion show designs.

Event design is something we adore to do. Therefore, we cannot talk about our favourite event designs without talking about the inspired creativity that has gone into so many fashion shows. This blog post is dedicated to breaking down our favourite fashion show sets. We love to celebrate the unique and thematic.

Our favourite fashion show sets:

Moschino Resort 2020 Event

Moschino took inspiration from the Hollywood Horror classics ‘Halloween’, ‘Scream’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘The Adams Family’, and much more. They used the Universal Studios Desperate Housewives set at Universal Studios to create a ‘spooky’ suburb. Recreating these pulp horror movies with a twist of fashion created a memorable spectacle out of the show.

Watch the show here

Chanel FW18 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais in to an ethereal woodland runway. The floor was adorned with autumn leaves and bare trees loomed over the event, bringing the outside in. Not only is this a beautiful and simple symbol of Autumn for the F/W collection but also is reminiscent of Lagerfeld’s childhood home, Hamburg.

Watch the show here

Fendi Catwalk on Water

Fendi probably wins for the most breath-taking catwalk location with the FW16 collection being held in Rome at the Trevi Fountain. The catwalk theme was ‘Legends and Fairy tales’ and what could be more ethereal than literally walking on water?

Watch the show here

Calvin Klein AW2018 Show

This show took the American Stock Exchange and created a dystopian effect with Warhol printed barns and the floor covered in 6.2 tonnes of popcorn. The popcorn was meant to be representative of not only snow and the cinematic prowess of Hollywood, but also the excess and capitalist culture that has turned the world into a politically and environmentally noxious place. A lot of inspiration came from the thriller ‘Safe’ that explores how environmental illness inflicts the residents of suburbia with the ‘twentieth century disease’.

Watch the show here

Chanel AW2014 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld chose to transform the Grand Palais into a giant shopping centre. In this shopping masterpiece they had aisles upon aisles of Chanel branded items you would expect to see in a normal shopping centre. A few examples of the Chanel branded items included into this shopping fantasy are Chanel shopping carts, real meat, crates of fresh vegetables, wine, chocolate, and more. This transformation really highlighted the idea of ‘The Shopper’.

Watch the show here

Miu Miu FW18

M&M adorned the Palais d'Iéna with black and white profile illustrations wrapping around letters. The playing card like illustrations are in reference to Erte, the first alphabet of fashion. Within this Miu Miu were able to harmonise event design and the alphabetical cataloguing of fashion together.

Watch the show here

Kenzo La Collection Memento No3

Kenzo beautifully brought to life the classic artworks of Rosseau and Le Douanier within the decadent walls of the Monnaie de Paris. The use of banquet tables as the runway and the use of tapestries and woven fabrics effectively harkens back to the classic pieces of art. The use of classical fine art creates a wonderfully rich and luxurious feel to both the collection and the event itself.

Watch the show here

Naturally we could go on forever, as there is a never-ending amount of amazing and creative fashion show designs. However, these are just a few of our favourites. They represent to us all the many ways you can think outside of the box when planning an event.

If you need innovative ideas and designs for your next show talk to our head of creative!