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Creative, physical, 3D & product design solutions for people and everyday problems.

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Industrial Design For Humans

Industrial design, or design for industry, is where, at Ergo, we put our technical problem-solving ability to great effect, creating unique concepts born from an armoury of skills.

A design structure can be as much a brand as a logo or graphic – products are recognisable just by their shape. Disruptive brands are often the ones that are the most successful.

We love working on and designing memorable, attention seeking 3D things. From sketch concepts to CAD models we create innovative Product Design, attention-seeking Packaging Design, Exterior and Interior design for spaces, events, installations, structures and furniture.

Our background in Industrial design gives us a creative edge in the brand and digital aspects of what we do. We have a different way of looking at problems to traditional brand and digital outfits, in turn our brand and digital skills give us an advantage when it comes to designing physical things.

One of our foundations, core knowledge and big strengths is our ability to produce innovative Product design & Industrial design. We thrive on a challenge, and right from our first sketch we are committed to resolving technical problems. Our creative team will push boundaries with concept design, then we realise our designs with our product engineering partners.

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Gordon Ramsays Future food stars
Future Food Stars-industrial-featured

Future Food Stars,
Our Creative Take

enCase packaging

Retainer Packaging

Hoorays packaging

Celebrate Packaging

Radox bottles
Sara Lee-industrial

Radox bottle design

Matey bottles
Sara Lee-industrial-featured


Jaguar Land Rover stand

Expanding Events
for JLR

Cotswold Dairy flavoured milk bottles
North Cotswold Dairy-industrial-featured

Dairy Packaging

Industrial Technologies

Below are some of the technologies, 3D tools and software we use for industrial design and product design projects. We use the latest industry standard tech to ensure compatibility with production facilities.

Cinema 4D logo
Cinema 4D
Photoshop Logo
Adobe Photoshop
Creo logo
PTC Creo
Solid works logo
Autodesk 3Ds max logo
3D Studio Max
KeyShot Logo