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One of the many things we do at Ergo Creative is Industrial Packaging.

We can tell you now, when you are a small business, you do not want to be copying Amazon by sending huge brown boxes filled with single use plastic and empty air space. In this ever-growing eco- conscious world this is a big no-no.

If you want word- of- mouth traffic and returning customers, then your customer needs to have a great, unique experience with your actual product, from the online purchase to receiving the stunning package in the post.

With lockdown measures in full force, shopping is moving from the high-street to online. Shoppers are missing out on the experience of being in stores, instead they are receiving boring brown boxes that blend into the crowd.

Here’s a few ideas to avoid boring packaging and improving your customer's experience:

Personalise the packaging, there’s more options than just a plain brown box.

It might not be the cheaper option but the more effort and care you put into something that you don’t have to the more your customers will know you care, and they will also view your brand as something special, just like you do. Your customer will feel like they are opening a present rather than just something they ordered. If the box is a feast for the eyes, then it will be much more exciting and memorable – MAKE IT AN EXPERIENCE.

You can include a personalised note,

or even a branded postcard that can go in with the order, the better they look the more likely they will be kept by the customer and seen by more people.

  • Stickers are a simple, cheap and effective form of personalisation and decoration.

When you open a package that has a sticker holding the tissue paper together or even on the outside of the box itself it adds something extra!

Use branded or coloured tissue paper.

Protect products rather than bubble wrap or brown paper to give a luxury feel to your brand!

If you can, try to avoid single use plastics.

As online shopping increases so does the amount of discarded plastic and other materials that are harmful to our environment. There are so many different options that you can explore and experiment with.

The long and short of it comes down to 3 key factors.

For amazing product packaging, it needs to be eye catching, personal and in line with your brand’s values. It is all about the sweet harmony between giving the customer an amazing experience and meeting their needs.