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The Pros of Renovating Your Office

Over lockdown, we, at Ergo, decided it was the right time to update our office. We knew that updating our office would lead to a boost in our brand aesthetic, inspiration and productivity, organisation and so much more.

Brand aesthetics

The aesthetics and functionality of your office acts as a physical representation of your brand. Just like how the way you dress can affect the way you are perceived, the way you present your office to clients and employees effects the way your brand is perceived. When time and care has been put into the finer details of your office, potential clients and employees will perceive your brand in a much more positive light, leading to more positive outcomes for your business.


New lighting, new desks, new chairs. If you want the best from your team, then ergonomics and functionality are just as crucial, if not more, than an aesthetically pleasing work environment. Investing in ergonomic chairs and desks will prevent common office-based illnesses and highlights to your employees that their wellbeing is important to the company. Meanwhile, having lots of natural light, and lights that are angled for optimum LUX, is crucial to reduce the risk of eye strain and general insufficient lighting issues while working. Ergonomic design leads to better productivity, morale, and less staff absence. A study from Staples Business Resource Centre found that over 30% of workers believe that their mood was improved by having an ergonomic workplace, 50% said ergonomics improved their productivity, and two thirds of the workers in the study agreed it improves their posture.


Storage solutions can be the key to optimised organisation within the office. Bespoke cupboards, shelves and draws can enhance the space you already have. In turn, you have more storage space to categories and organise where all equipment, paperwork, technology, and everything else needs to go. Well-designed storage solutions can be fit to bespoke or unusual spaces. They can be built underneath desks, into alcoves and sloping loft spaces, floating off the ground to maximise floor space and so much more.

Better use of space

It is crucial to utilise the space you have to its fullest potential. For example, we converted our loft space to a second office level. This means more space for photography, a kitchenette for socialising and drinks, an area for a large meeting table, and space to put standing desks. This means that the ground floor, which was once cramped with everything, is home to just desks and the entrance. Having a more open layout allows employees to have their own functional and designated space to create, work, and be inspired without the distractions of a poorly designed office.

Increased energy efficiency

As much as lighting is useful for ergonomic working environments, lighting can also be something that can save you some money on the electricity bill. Installing a smart meter and LED lights means that your office can be lit more energy efficiently. As LED lights can cut your electricity costs up to 40%, this is a worthwhile investment.

Overall, office renovations come with a plethora of perks. An office update can be expensive and time consuming, but worth it for the long-term client appeal, employee satisfaction, and overall boost in branding.

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