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The rise of electronic business cards

Event Season is Upon us, but how can you provide your details without contact?

Picture this, you are a business person at an event for the first time in years. Handshakes are outlawed and paper business cards are a breeding ground of germs. How are you going to network and give your details out? RFID or NFC electric business cards of course!

A RFID and NFC chip is a tag, label or card that can exchange data with a reader. RFID electronic business cards consist of a chip and antennae which can hold up to 2000 bytes of data. Meanwhile, NFC is near field communication. This is a short-range wireless intercommunication of information between a mobile phone to other devices.


Electronic cards have security settings in place so that your information cannot accidentally be swiped. A reliable electronic RFID business card ensures your business’ data will be shielded.


These cards are completely contact free, you just hold your card up to a mobile device with NFC and your details pop up on their screen.


When networking at an event you are handed many a business card. Within a week of this time over 90% of these business cards get thrown away. Well, that will be an issue no more! Paper cards are just not good for the environment. Research has found that if everyone started to use electronic cards instead of paper business cards then over 7 million trees would be saved annually.

Easy to design and edit:

Like typical business cards, electronic business cards can be customised, designed, and shared with anyone. You can design it however you want, have limitless options of information that you can add, and you can easily rectify mistakes or out of date information. If you have a phone or computer access, you will never again need to worry if you have enough business cards on you or worry about if your information is still relevant and up to date as you can easily update your information as you go along with just the one card.

Organisational bliss:

They are also incredibly useful in how they can include lead generation, and data and statistic features. After your meetings you will be able to automatically share and collect contact details just with just a text, and you can keep track of how many times you use your card, and where. Furthermore, having an electric business card means you save money on printing costs and your details are much less likely to be lost, thrown away or forgotten amongst the flurry of other people’s business cards.

Furthermore, we found that 83% of our followers on Instagram and 63% of our LinkedIn connections prefer electronic business cards over the classic paper business card. In short, as events start back up and networking events are looming just around the corner, it just makes sense to arm yourself with an electronic business card so that you can impress and collect new contacts in a covid safe, eco- friendly and exceptionally organised way.