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Why your brand isn’t your brand

Why giving away control of your brand to your customers is the smartest way to ensure its success.
Our creative director Tom Walton pointing at a screen of company logos in front of an audience during a workshop

Brand then and now.

Things have moved on since the early days of branding.

The old approach involved a business creating a brand and product, advertising it to attract customers, who would then either buy it or not – and the customers gained would sustain the business. These days it is subtly different: Businesses aim to create customers - through social media and products - who build the brand through reviews, recommendations and advocacy. The customer influences the growth of the brand, and it sustains the business. Today’s approach to branding, therefore, should begin with the end in mind.

How it works

Brands live or die by the audience’s voice these days. The audience needs to feel proud of the brand to become an advocate.

With this philosophy, which we call ‘the brand promotion paragon’, companies are thriving. Brand identity provides a tool for brand advocates who review, recommend and promote. Customers become tribally loyal to brands they love, creating momentum and doing a lot of the heavy lifting on the journey to growth.

In fact, a staggering 85% of consumers say they would stay loyal to a brand identity they like. Conversely, 60% say they would avoid buying from a company with unappealing branding – even if they had good reviews. That’s the power of exceptional branding.

Leveraging your brand identity

Without a highly targeted, well-considered brand identity, an organisation is at a serious disadvantage. Done well however, it can be used intentionally to drive the momentum created by its existing customer base.

At the core of a successful brand identity using this approach is a solid brand strategy and DNA. Running through it is the brand story creating a common thread. The brand identity is the outer layer and showcase of this brand strategy and story. When this is applied consistently to every output, brand integrity is maintained – and this is vital for reaping the benefits of brand identity. Your customers, as advocates, will inevitably drive your business and dictate the future of your brand. The key to leveraging this ‘advocacy first’ approach is to embrace it from the start, by being prepared to give away control of your brand to your customers, and working with creative experts who can bring your brand identity to life.

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