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Agri-Tech Centres

An evolutionary
brand identity

Branding Agri-Tech Centres

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Agri-Tech approached us to design branding for the newly formed Agri-Tech Centres – an amalgamation of three centres CIEL, CHAP and Agri-EPI. Their objectives were to build effective collaborations, drive cultural change, identify, promote and deliver research, and improve the UK infrastructure.

Each centre was established from 2016 as a separate, independent not-for-profit business to address the distinct challenges in its domain. Each having delivered on their objectives, they recognised an opportunity to take the lessons learned, reset and move forward together.

We worked with them to create, design and produce an evolutionary brand identity for the Agri-Tech Centres, within the confines of established brand guidelines and taking into account their respective brand history.

We also created artwork and a set of brand assets to enable the launch of a new entity, and a messaging tool kit and brand identity guide for the internal teams and external Stakeholders.

We are currently working to deliver a multi-channel marketing campaign for the launch in April 2024.

The challenge was to create an identity that represented all the different sectors that the centres specialise in. We believed that creating something to suit the requirements of a wide range of people and sectors, all while the landscape of the centre was evolving as we went along, would present a significant challenge. However, this turned out not to be the case.

We chose to approach the project individually rather than collaboratively; with each member of the team coming up with their own ideas so no-one influenced each other. This turned out to be the best approach for the client, who picked their chosen design from one of our first iterations – with no need for development or refinement.

The client was very open to our creativity and the result was that they loved our bright, clean, bold concepts.