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10 Years of Avios

A celebratory video campaign for Avios

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Getting Started on the 10 Years of Avios Video

To celebrate a decade of Avios being their loyalty currency we were tasked with creating a succinct 45 second video to encompass their brand and triumphs over the years.

To be able to truly celebrate all that Avios have achieved over the last ten years, it was important to include highlights from past Avios video campaigns and adverts. However, there was not a vast amount of other material at our disposal and so we were able to design brand new graphics for a large portion of the 10 Years of Avios video.

We worked with IAG to create the branding for the 10 years of Avios campaign. This included a logo that hinted at the current Avios branding while also having it's own identity. Our team created a few different logo designs and routes by creatively finding ways to incorporate Avios' 10 year legacy with their existing logo.

The Video Design Process

We were provided with an overview script that hit all the points that IAG Loyalty wanted to get across. We condensed and refined the script until we had an idea that allowed the video to flow well whilst also showing off what Avios does and has achieved. Once signed off we then created a storyboard to match, using simple visuals to give an example of how the animation would work.

One of the many software's that we used for this project was Cinema 4D. We used this to achieve a realistic visual of the avios falling and interacting with each other. We rendered the scene out in Cinema 4d then imported the image sequence into after effects for post processing.

Google Earth studio helped us to capture the globe images and by using real location data we mapped the countries names onto the animation to ensure they appeared in the correct spot.


Watch the full campaign video here!