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Detailing a Clinical Audit Report

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Working with the NHS

Among the projects we have worked on with the NHS, such as infographic design and presentations for NHS Shared Business Services, we have also worked on NHS report projects.

This project was the National Clinical Audit of Specialist Rehabilitation following major Injury (NCASRI).Working alongside our Communications agency partner Allegory to deliver a clean, clear and well edited report document.

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A clear design brief

The report was commissioned by The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), whose aim is to promote quality improvement, and in particular to increase the impact that clinical audit has on healthcare quality in England and Wales.

This is the first national clinical audit focused on access to and provision of specialist rehabilitation for patients with traumatic injuries. It marks a major step towards improving the quality of care delivered to this patient group.

Working with a brief from a leading Professor within the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and King’s College London, the aim was to take the word document report, and create a clear, well presented report document for distribution.

QuoteThank you so much for all of your work… once again many thanks to the production team for your flexible help in producing what will clearly be a really good document - It is great to work with you on thisQuote

Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes DM FRCP MBE

Northwick Park Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, King’s College London

Director, Regional Hyper-acute Rehabilitation Unit, Northwick Park Hospital

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A well-received report

The project was split into a few areas: Typeset and lay-out including tables, Re-drawing any figures if needed, infographics for the key findings and final production and print management, with Allegory dealing with copy editing and content.

The final report was printed and distributed within the NHS, and also published online here. We produced a well finished and precise job for the team, and the work was well received. We work on a wide variety of document design and layout, including corporate reporting through our division Think Corporate Reporting.

QuoteMany thanks to you and all the Team for your creative, professional and responsive work on this job – very much appreciated.Quote

Alan Bill

UK Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaborative Programme Accountant