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Parent Academy

Branding The Parent Academy

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A New Educational Showcase

Parent Academy is a showcase of short video assets, webinar hosted content and face to face parent sessions.

The campaign targets parents who are new to Nord with the goal of demonstrating NAE’s credibility and quality teaching. Our aim is to position NAE as a thought leader, highlighting principals and teachers in their local markets.

The Genesis of the Parent Academy Logo

Firstly, we came up with the logo lock up. Parent Academy was at the forefront of the logo with the Nord Anglia Education Logo alongside it. It was important to Nord Anglia that we kept on brand with their pre-existing colour palette and style.

Rather than using an icon such as a speech bubble or speech marks (which have been used in some of our previous work for NAE), they wanted to create a symbol out of the ‘P’ and ‘A’. We tried a few variations, balancing the abstract visual while keeping the letters legible. They wanted the letters ‘P’ and ‘A’ to be clean and visible.

Logo Lock Up Assets

With the chosen ‘PA’ symbol, we decided upon the logo lock up and then looked at how we could use images and patterns within in it.

From this we created templates for Nord Anglia Education to use, such as Posters, a PowerPoint template, Teams backgrounds, Video intros and YouTube thumbnails. We included options within the templates to choose from, such as: an image within the letter ‘P’, within the letter ‘A’, both or just a simple fill colour option.

To keep everything looking consistent we created a simple rules guide for the use of the brand assets.