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Radox bottle design

Packaging Design that created a category-changing bottle for Radox

Five Radox shower gel bottles
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Radox bubble bath structural branding & packaging design

Our design director Tom worked on this bottle design project with Tin Horse and United Studios. The brief was all about putting ‘Radox’ back into a bottle design that stands out.

This structural branding project brief was to design a bottle that brought some of Radox bubble bath‘s heritage back to its packaging. The chosen concept route was this one; an idea that harks back to the original glass Radox bath salts bottle.

Five Radox shower gel bottles

Re-instating brand heritage

The challenge with the packaging design was the constraints on the filling line.

The conditions stated it should have the same cap, footprint, height and volume of the previous bottle; whilst having a new silhouette and structural brand visual.

The project began with a brainstorm and then sketch concepts. Six of the best ideas were presented in Photoshop format and foam models. Two of these were then developed further into CAD models and further foam models. A final CAD model was created and developed by the bottle manufacturer.

Red and blue Radox shower gel bottles

Setting a new category design language

Our chosen design had taut shoulders, glassy facets and a debossed logo that was a nod to the brand’s heritage and the glass salt packaging.

Soon after relaunch the new shape set a precedent for the design language of bubble bath bottles, with most super market and high-street chemists bringing out a parody of the bottle as their own brand.

Radox once again was the bottle people were looking for in the bath product isle, and the bath category fell into line. Today most still have bubble bath in a bottle design that copies the glass-like faceted foot, tall cuboid body and arched shoulders. This re-design of the Radox bottle was the category trend setter.

Radox shower gel bottle on edge of bath tub


The Radox bottle was designed for Sara Lee in 2007 with Tin Horse. The latest bottle graphics were initially designed by Utd Studio, London. Radox and the Sara Lee bath care range are now owned by Unilever.

The Radox bath bottle was designed with Tin Horse. Their website and more projects are available to view at:

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