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Driving Digital

Promoting digital preservation at The National Archives

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Creating a Digital campaign called ‘Digital Advocacy’

We worked closely with our comms partner Allegory Communications on a digital advocacy campaign for The National Archives (TNA).

This was part of a three-year digital capacity building strategy called Plugged In Powered Up.

The aim of the campaign was to inspire Archivists and their Senior Managers to embrace with urgency the challenge of Digital Preservation, Access and Engagement. The two audiences for this campaign were Archivists and the Decision Makers.

Designing strong visual messaging

Having had a recent corporate branding refresh, and there being no existing campaign branding, we were tasked with developing the brand and concept to create a campaign visual identity.

We also produced materials and takeaways to support the engagement activities, for example Archive School and Novice to Ninja, as part of the Digital Advocacy Campaign.

For the campaign we were tasked to come up with a visual identity using The National Archive’s grid as well as their brand colours and fonts. All a part of their new branding. Following this and employing the visual identity we had created, two leaflets, social posts, web banners and a video were produced, along with sourcing a wide variety of images.

Developing the brand style into a key message

The visual Identity of the campaign was based on pixels, or the loss of pixels, to raise awareness of the value of digital archives and the effects if actions aren’t taken to digitally preserve files.

This was achieved through using TNA’s grid and manipulating it to create the pixel effect we wanted.

The grid itself then manipulates images that are put behind it by removing certain areas of the image, therefore creating the desired pixel effect.

This effect was then carried across to the two leaflets, social posts, web banners and the video. The pixel effect became even more effective with the video, where it could become animated so that you could see certain parts of the image disappearing. For the leaflets, the grid was applied over the entire cover. However for the social posts and banners the grid/pixel effect was effective when only covering half of the image.

The assets and video can be found on TNA website, and Allegory Communications case study is downloadable here.

QuoteI am tremendously pleased with the outputs and working with you all at Allegory and Ergo has been fun and rewarding.Quote

Simon McKeon

Head of Collections & Audience Insight, TNA