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Digital and Live Events

Everything you need to consider putting in your design brief
Illustration of food, people, and tickets for some items to consider for an event planning budget

Holding events really can be the bread and butter when marketing a business.

Whether it is a stand, a virtual event, or a big gala; it is your time to schmooze and really show what your company is made of!

At Ergo we pride ourselves on the fact that we can help you bring all your wildest fantasies for an event to fruition. You want a big bus wrapped in your logo? Done. You want a foldable pop-up stand that can show off big four-by-fours and then fold away into a trailer? Done. You want a video game about your business? Done. Done. Done.

If you tell us what you need, we can deliver; so long as the following checklist has been thought through.

The Event Planning Checklist:

What is your Event Goal- why are you doing this event and who is your audience?

Make sure you have your brand guidelines- Any Creative Agency will tell you this is crucial if you are wanting an outside company to help you create an event. Everyone needs to have a completely unified understanding of what your brand is.

a. Logos: full logos, secondary logos, and icons b. Colour palette: primary and secondary colours c. Typography: font styles, sizes, and spacing d. Images: photos, illustrations, and artwork e. Voice and tone: how the brand use language and emotion

If you don’t have your brand guidelines yet, then just let us know and we can help you to put these together.

Budget- Logistics, Software, Tickets, Catering, staff, amenities, entertainment. Boring but necessary. How much will it cost for your ideas to become reality? Is the entertainment relevant and on brand? Do you have a main event?

Partners and vendors- who are you going to use to get all the items on your budget? Individual companies or just one or two who can do a package deal? Also, do you have any partners or vendors that would be willing to help fund the event?

Venue- Is the location accessible for the people invited? Is the venue big enough? Do you have all the relevant licenses? Do they already offer a package for the above items on your budget? Will it be a shell scheme stand, touring and need to be easy to pack up and go (Case Study Example), or will it be a conference in a fancy building?

The Tech- Event booking software, Digital signage software, Web conferencing software to livestream, Email marketing and Social media management software, Mobile event apps, Conference software- How is the software you use going to align to make your event as easy to understand by your attendees as possible. Is there an app for registration and tickets? Does your marketing/ email campaign link to the app or registration/ticket software?

Marketing campaign- Get on social media, start using your ticket/ event app and getting those marketing emails out. No one will come if you don’t let everyone know about it. Use multiple platforms and multiple techniques of attracting traffic to your event.

Keep their Interest Long Term- What next steps do you want to get the attendee to take before leaving the event. Think in advance how you will continue to grow connections with the people that attended the event.

Designing a Digital Event

Digital events have much the same basic process and can be a lot cheaper; as you do not need to pay for food, drink or a venue. However, you still want to be making the event worthwhile. If an event is structured like a video chat, then it is most likely that there will be less attendees because that sounds boring. Your budget would go more towards the entertainment and tech.

You still need to nail these: What is your event goal, brand guidelines, budget, partners and vendors, venue, tech, marketing and keeping long term interest after the event. These principles are the same. The way you address each topic, however, is where there can be big differences.

  • Figuring out your event goal, brand guidelines, partners and vendors will be done in the same way.
  • Budget- the money will most likely be spent on the tech and entertainment rather than the venue and catering
  • The venue costs will be more about what platform or device the event will be streamed from and where will the entertainment be in correlation to the event. Will the entertainment be pre-recorded or live?
  • The tech- this will be similar with tickets, apps and marketing. However, there will be a lot more stress on the tech being optimised to allow the event to run as smoothly as possible in a digital format.
  • Marketing Campaign- again this will be similar but now you need to think more about targeting the right audiences. Who would be more likely to attend a digital event? How would you change your tactics to increase the number of potential attendees?
  • How will you keep potential leads as customers without physical interaction? Surveys, Forms, smiley ratings, subscriptions, goodie bags?

You want this to be a technical masterpiece that seamlessly streams your entertainment and successfully addresses your company’s brand and products/ services. With Covid having an ever-looming presence virtual events are becoming the only feasible options. It is how you make the event interesting, while remaining relevant, that counts. At Ergo we pride ourselves on being able to create bespoke experiences designed to your individual needs and pain points.

To conclude

Now that we have given you the low down on what a creative agency wants you to consider before making your design brief for an event, we hope you feel confident to go forth and get planning! We have shared with you the basics on this topic, if you need any more information then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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