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Inspirational Event Design

Want to plan an event but need inspiration? Look no further! Here is Ergo’s top ten event inspirations in 2021.
festival design for events

Events are not only great fun, but they are incredibly useful to promote your business.

As event season is just around the corner, there is no time like the present to get inspired. Events are the best time to showcase your products and promote your brand to other businesses and your target audience. Now is the time to explore new, unique, and eye catching ways of displaying your products and business.

10 Inspirational Event Stand Ideas

1. Inspirational Lighting

Lighting can really add to an event. Lighting can emphasise important features of your display, take away emphasis from the features you do not want people to see, and set the tone. Intelligent lighting, that can be controlled and changed throughout the event, can really affect the mood and feel of your display. One second it could be soft, warm lighting, next, it could be colourful and exciting. Gobos can cast shapes from a lighting fixture, this means you can cast copy, monograms, logos and more. Uplit Backdrops, backlighting and LEDs can be used in the background of displays to boost ambiance and complements contemporary, sleek, classic, or traditional themes.

projected displays

2. Superb Structure

From the first sketch to the installation, the creative process of designing structures for events is exciting and requires innovation. The structure of your event stand is the first thing the audience will see, whether they are another businesses, potential prospects or the general public. The structure often sets the theme of your display. If the event is to promote your business, then this is where you plan exactly what you want to portray to your audience. Do you want something big and quirky, something traditional and subtle, something sleek and contemporary? Displays don't need to be boring or fit in with everyone else. There have been many innovative/crazy ideas in the past that have really paid off. Consider putting show pieces inside different installations or having items/performers suspended rather than on a table/stage.

When considering the structure, obviously budget is important, but you also need to consider how much creative license you have within the venue and the logistics of installation. Often the venue owners want you to use their own contractors. They may also have flooring that does not match your design and you could end up inconveniently placed for the installation. As much as structure is about aesthetics it is also important to consider practicality.

mirror display

3. Amazing Typography

Signage, monograms, stickers, tempered glass and infinitely more. Typography is everywhere but really makes a difference to the overall effect of your event. First and foremost, typography establishes an information hierarchy that categorises your content according to importance. Different font families, font sizes, colours, and layouts help to establish what is important. You can use typography to create faces, shapes and logos with words. You can also bring 3D elements and colour to be identifiable and to stand out.

shadow sculptures

4. Unique Outdoors

When you have a large outdoor venue, you have more room to build a bigger and better experience. However, you do have to be more mindful of how external elements like wind and rain may affect your displays. Festivals are a great example of outdoor events that can have extremely creative designs and structures. You can include circus tents, fun fair rides, many Instagram-able photo opportunities, and places to dance and listen to music. Outdoor space usually means more space, and so you can look at performers, mazes and much more.

festival design for events

5. Individual Indoors

Indoor events provide a controlled environment, but there are so many more benefits. If your décor doesn’t go against the venue’s restrictions or pose as a fire hazard, there can be many more creative choices you can make with your décor choices. As you do not have to account for the great outdoors accidental interruptions, there are less logistical concerns when it comes to the design you can use. The main restriction issues are the venue’s terms and conditions and ease of access for getting your installation into the building. Therefore, you can have a more open structure and fragile décor. Indoor venues are the places to set up event stands that simulate a realistic space for where your product would usually be used in a real- life environment.

lighting display at an event

6. Plants

It is a growing trend (pardon the pun) to decorate your event and displays with walls of plants or sculptures made from plants. Plants can give off environmental, luxurious, sleek, or natural and contemporary vibes.

floral placements at event tables

7. Interactive

If your event is for your business, that does not mean that it shouldn’t be fun. The more immersive the experience the more memorable and entertaining. Creating your own digital games that are related to your business, old school games, virtual reality, and award stands makes people feel involved and really attracts crowds. Furthermore, creating areas that are worthy of an Instagram photo are always worthwhile. Beautiful, branded backdrops, branded booths, branded props are all ways to encourage potential customers to share about your business on social media. The more people see you on social media, the more traffic you are likely to receive.

Men gaming at multiple computer screens

8. Copy

Adding copy to your event décor allows you to be informative about your brand in creative and eye-catching ways. The first thing to consider when adding copy to your event is your audience. Who are you appealing to specifically? Consider the tone of voice and jargon that your target audience uses and would be most receptive to. Then make sure that the content of your copy is helpful. Consider how your copy adds to your event Is it informative about the product, your brand story, or is it relevant to the demographics of your business with fun facts? The aim is to be easy to read, informative, catchy and attention grabbing. Everything you add to your event stand is there for the purpose of drawing people in. Having lighting on or projections of your copy is just one way in which you can make your copy more impactful.

typographical lighting for a bar

9. Sculptures

Sculptures are essentially used to be impressive. They are bold, grand and show off your creativity. Like with copy, sculptures can be relevant to the product you are displaying, your brand story, or the demographics of your business. You want to impress your audience as much as possible to attract as many paying customers as possible. You can use most anything to build the sculpture; vines, plants, plastic, recycled items, reused items, metal, clay, etc. The way you want your brand or product to be seen should inform how your sculpture will look and what materials you use. Your sculpture can be front and centre, in the middle of the event or suspended above. It is an impressive way to display your brand in the most impactful way and provides photo opportunities to get people talking online.

Bauble sculpture event design

10. Displaying the Product

How you display your product is the single most important part of your event. You may not have the budget for a big fancy structure, gamification, sculptures, or lighting, so the most important thing you must prioritise is your product display. Make it bold, creative, unique, and eye-catching. Setting your product in a pyramid is a classic but not particularly unique way to display the product. However, the bigger it is or the better you use focal points and levels the more eye catching your product will be. An example could be to create a fake tree indoors and use the branches to hang your products or use a globe structure to make your products look like they are inside a snow globe. Furthermore, you can use normal household items like fridges or bathtubs for unconventional displays.

Triangular event light display

In essence, when designing an event, it is important to think outside of the box. Your event is a visual representation of who you are as a brand. Therefore, you need to find ways to ensure you don’t just fade into the background and not achieve the traffic you deserve. Creativity when it comes to events is the key to success.

If you would like a creative team to design or help you to conceptualise an event for your business, we’ve got you covered. Contact us here or visit our marketing page to see how we can help you to incorporate events and more into your marketing strategy.